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Meet the owner

Superfresh is a grassroots company started on a shoestring budget of $450. This money was for the development
of my first website in 2008. I'll never try to appear as though we're a huge corporation or much larger than we are.
Small but organized studio, smart decision making, premium quality, and a huge creative mind is the makeup of Superfresh.

The way I run my business is time consuming and strategic. My system of taking a design from concept to completion
before it reaches my customers mailbox is extremely efficient. Regardless of my growth, one of the most important
things for me is keeping it personal with my customers and support. 
I like to stay as available and
transparent as possible.
I do not have staff running my social media for me. I actually take the time (and its a lot of time) myself 
to reply back
to as many questions, compliments, and messages possible that I receive on social media. Even as I expand, I never
to disconnect myself from my brand. I'll continue to give my support that personal connection most brands don't.

I'm happy to say that Superfresh has no investors, celebrity endorsements, or marketing firms behind us. Superfresh
is ran solely on customer order support.
I'll keep rocking as long as I have customers to rock for.

Thank you!